Nizam’s gold tiffin box missing diamonds

Hyderabad: The gold tiffin box of the Nizam VII (Mir Osman Ali Khan) is now back in the Nizam’s Museum after its recovery by the city police in September, but its glitter is missing.

According to a report published in TOI, the diamonds and other precious stones inlaid into the Nizam’s invaluable tiffin box was stolen by thieves to sell them separately.

The police recovered all the stolen objects including the detached diamonds. The museum management simply kept the diamonds inside the box.

According to sources, the museum trust board met a couple of days ago which was chaired by Muffakham Jah, trust board chairman and grandson of Mir Osman Ali Khan and decided to increase the security in the museum but did not take any decision on reattaching the diamonds.

P Anuradha Reddy, INTACH city convener said, “One cannot just fix the diamonds to the gold box of the Nizam. It has an intricate work in gold and only expert goldsmiths can reattach the diamonds.”
The unique object without the glitter has lost its originality, she added.

Another grandson of the last Nizam, Nawab Najaf Ali Khan said, “The museum should publish the list of the objects with photographs so that there is no misappropriation.”

“These are the gifts received by the Nizam VII on the silver jubilee of his ascension to the throne in February 1937,” he added.