Nizamabad: 7-year-old boy washed away in rain

Nizamabad: Heavy rain lashed out at Nizamabad. Apart from the heavy loss of properties due to submerging of houses, a 7-year-old boy was washed away in Gautam Nagar Nala.

According to details, Shaikh Riyadh had come to Nizamabad from Nanded to attend the funeral of his relative. In the evening, there was a power shutdown due to the rains and water from a nala, which was overflowing, entered his relatives’ house which he was staying in. Neighbours asked them to come to their house on which Shaikh Riyadh along with his wife and children came out. Meanwhile, his 7-year-old son Shaikh Zameer slipped into the nala running in front of the house in Gautam Nagar. His wife also fell into the nala however she was retrieved but the boy was washed away in the nala. His body was found in the bushes the next day.