Nizam VII took care of people despite being a monarch

Hyderabad, June 07: Nawab Mir Osman Ali Khan, was careful about spending on himself but he used to donate generously for the welfare activities. He not only extended financial assistance to the people of this state but helped outside Hyderabad also. Prof Fatima Parveen delivered a memorial lecture on the occasion on Nizam’s 129th birthday celebrations organized by Princess Esin Women’s Education Centre. Prof. Ashraf Rafee, President Abdul Kalam Azad Oriental Research institute presided over the function. Prof. Fatima Parveen told that Nizam VII in addition to being a successful ruler, was also an eminent poet. His collection of poems ran into seven impressions.

On reading his poetry, one knows that in addition to his own personal experiences, there are traces of universal issues. As a king he was always grateful to Allah, the Almighty for blessing him with money, power and everything else. A major component of his poetry is devoted to his love for Prophet Mohammed (SAWS). When he was deposed after 36 years of rule, there is mention of his grief in his poetry. There is a long history of giving financial assistance to writers, poets and religious leaders.

The literary giants who were benefited from his benevolence were Shibli, Abdul Majid Dayabadi, Zafar Ali Khan, Ameer Meeayi, Khaja Hasan Nizami, Amjad Hyderabadi and Sajjad Hussain. He also gave generous donations to Muslim University, Indian Institute of Science. His contribution for the establishment of Translation Bureau and Osmania University are the best examples of his love and commitment for education.

His funeral procession in 1967 is a testimony of the love of people for him. He treated the Muslims and the Hindus his two eyes. He patronized Urdu and Telugu languages.

Curator of Nizam’s Museum Mr. Bhaskar Rao proposed a vote of thanks.

——–Siasat News