Nizam Rubath in Makkah provides free food and accommodation for 1284 Hajj pilgrims, saving Rs. 7-8 crore

Hyderabad: His Excellency, Nawab Afzal – ud – Daula had bought some properties in Makkah in 18th century and had endowed them for the benefit of Hajj pilgrims from the erstwhile Hyderabad State. In 1967, Nawab Mir Barkat Ali Khan, Mukaram Jah Bahadur ensured the restoration of these properties through Mr. Shareef Mohammed, Advocate. He got these properties registered as wakf in the Royal Court of Makkah.

Hajj pilgrims from the former State of Hyderabad are provided free food and accommodation in these Rubaths. They don’t have to pay accommodation charges to Hajj Committee. The Hajj pilgrims are selected on the basis of a draw. The list of selected candidates would be made available on website

Hajj pilgrims from Telangana, Karnataka and Maharashtra can avail of this facility. Mr. Husain Mohammed Shareef, the Administrator of these Rubaths also arranges free food for the Hajj pilgrims during the Hajj season.

–Siasat News