Nizam Museum theft, nothing short of a movie stunt

Thieves broke into Hyderabad’s Nizam Museum and stole relics worth crores of rupees. The items stolen were a gold tiffin box, a diamond-studded teacup, a saucer and a spoon. The artefacts belonged to the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad.

The Nizam’s museum is located in Purani Haveli in the old city of Hyderabad.

Now to trace the thieves the City Police is using ‘reverse analysis’ to track the two men through various CC cameras installed in the area. While the duo was not covered in any of the cameras inside the premises, the officials caught them on the outdoor camera which showed them leaving the area after the burglary.

The police are following a trail from that time and said “We are backtracking the two men and it will lead us to their areas or hit us with some lead as there is nothing with us to move forward with”

Additional DCP of Commissioner’s Task Force, Chaitanya Kumar said, The two men climbed onto the terrace and as one of them held a rope, the other one slipped in, bending the CC camera with his foot while doing so. They used an iron rod, similar to the ones found at a construction site, to break the lock of the wardrobe keeping the artefacts.

The Hyderabad Police’s east and south zone task forces, as well as officers from the Mir Chowk police station, are involved in the investigation.

[source_without_link]SIASAT NEWS[/source_without_link]