Nizam College Professor Bhawani Shankar writes Urdu exam of Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust

Hyderabad: Prof. K Bhawani Shankar of Nizam College also attended the Urdu exam conducted by Abid Ali Khan Educational Trust. During the inspection of the centre at Mahboob Husain Jigar Hall, Mr. Mohammed Ismail Khan, lecturer Nizam College expressed surprise over seeing Prof. Bhawani Shankar writing the Urdu exam and said Bhawani Shankar not only speaks Urdu well but can also write well. His handwriting is also good.

Prof. Bhawani Shankar revealed that he has memorised several Urdu ‘ashaar’ (couplets) and he also knows Arabic language. He said Urdu exams conducted by Siasat serve well to teach non-Urdu people learn Urdu thanks to the personal interest of Mr. Zahid Ali Khan Siasat editor and Mr. Zaheeruddin Ali Khan Managing Editor Siasat.

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