Nitish’s ‘7 determinations’ adopted as state policy

Fulfilling one of his electoral promises, the Bihar government today adopted Chief Minister Nitish Kumar’s “seven determinations”, including free toilet and drinking water pipeline supply to every household, in a bid to achieve “sushasan” (good governance).

The future roadmap of development was spelt out by Governor Ram Nath Kovind in his speech at the joint session of the two Houses of the Bihar Legislature at the start of the session.

Kumar had made public his “seven determinations” during state elections to counter Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s special package of Rs 1.25 lakh crore along with Rs 40,000 crore of past schemes.

Kumar had estimated that his “seven determinations” would entail an expenditure of Rs 2.70 lakh crore in the next five years, which he had said on several occasions during polls that the state would arrange from its own resources and “would not go with begging bowl to the Centre.”

The programme christened as “Seven determinations of developed Bihar” has been adopted as state policy.

The determinations particularly focuses on youths.

It included credit card for students for loan upto Rs four lakh for pursuing higher education, establishment of counselling centres for employment and skill development, monthly allowance of Rs 1,000 for eight months twice within two years for searching jobs, venture capital of Rs 500 crore for young entrepreneurs and free wi-fi in college and universities.

Besides, the determinations also included linking every household in the towns and villages with drinking water supply pipeline and constructing toilet in every household.

In addition to the seven new determinations, the state government highlighted its achievements in the field of road, electricity, education, agriculture and industry among others and promised to continue them with renewed vigour.

The Governor was flanked by new Speaker of Legislative Assembly Vijay Chaudhary and Chairman of Legislative Council Awdesh Narayan Singh at the joint address.

Chief Minister Nitish Kumar, Leader of opposition Prem Kumar, his counterpart in Legislative Council Sushil Kumar Modi, Deputy Chief Minister Tejaswi Yadav and former Chief Minister and RJD leader Rabri Devi were present among others.

The Governor’s address to the joint session, which spelt out state government’s thrust areas at the very beginning, stated that rule of law would prevail in the state.

Asserting that an environment of social harmony and brotherhood among different communities prevailed in the state, it pointed to peaceful conduct of festivals of different faiths recently.