Nitish laughs at BJP promise of providing 2-wheelers to girls

Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar today laughed at BJP’s poll promise of providing two-wheelers to 5000 meritorious school girls, and asked if the saffron party was planning to send minor girls to police station by driving two-wheelers without license.

“Do you intend to send girls of class IX – of about 13-14 year of age – to police station by driving two-wheelers without driving license?” Kumar asked BJP leaders while addressing an election meeting at Sherghati in Gaya district.

Kumar also described BJP as “nakalchi” (imitator) and said the poll promise of two-wheeler was in response to his bicycle scheme for boys and girls.

“My government provided bicycle to 8.28 lakh boys of class IX and 8.15 lakh girls of same class thus totalling 16.40 lakh. Imitating this successful scheme, the BJP has come out with a promise to give two-wheeler to 5000 girls on the basis of merit in examination,” he said.

BJP had announced poll sops of two-wheeler, laptop, colour TV in mahadalit localities among others recently.

“When I raised the issue as who would provide petrol for them, they came up with the idea that fuel would be free for two years. And now they are inspiring minors to drive two wheelers without a license and land in police stations,” Kumar said mocking at his earlier ally during the day.

He took potshots at Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying this is for the first time that a PM has been campaigning in a state Assembly election so vigorously.

Kumar asked Modi who would believe his fresh promise when “you have gone back on your promises during Lok Sabha poll of giving Rs 15-20 lakh out of black money brought back to the country, jobs for youths and enhanced minimum support price to farmers?”

Kumar, the chief ministerial candidate of secular alliance, claimed that one constituent of rival NDA is pulling the legs of others.

Not only that, BJP MP R K Singh accused his own party of giving tickets to members having criminal background, the senior JD(U) leader said.

He talked about the seven items in his vision document that includes Rs 4 lakh bank credit facilities for higher education of students and free WiFi services in colleges and universities in the state.