Nitish lauds PM Modi for his ‘courageous’ governance

Patna (Bihar)[India]: Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar on Sunday praised Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his good governance and complimented latter’s leadership.

Addressing a function after releasing Hindi version of a book on Narendra Modi at Rabindra Bhawan here, the Chief Minister said the Prime Minister leads from the front and takes responsibility of both success and failures. And that he has courage to take bold decisions like demonetisation and Goods and Services Tax (GST) for the development of country.

“We have seen several Prime Ministers. They didn’t use to lead from the front. Leaders who lead from the front take responsibility of both success and failures,” he said.

Nitish also launched an attack on the Congress party for blaming others for their failure and not owning up for their mistakes.

“For most of the period, the country has been ruled by the Congress. During the Congress rule, the credit of success was used to be grabbed by someone while responsibility of failures was given to other ones,” Nitish added.

Lauding Prime Minister for taking courageous decisions like demonetisation and implementation of GST, Nitish said the GST is big reform in the area of taxation.

“People will face some difficulties in initial days. But in later days, everyone will praise the centre’s decision. Bihar government has been in the favour of implementation of the GST since the days of UPA government, he added.

Nitish further said that he always backed demonetisation even when he was not a part of NDA.

“While appreciating the move of demonetisation since the very first day, I had asked for making forceful strike against ‘benami’ properties across the country. Hitting against the benami properties is still very necessary,” he said adding that he would not compromise on the issue of corruption at any cost. (ANI)