Nitish Kumar urges for caste-based census

Patna: Ahead of the forthcoming general elections, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has called for a caste-based census in 2021, citing that the population of the scheduled castes, scheduled tribes and other backward classes had gone up from the previous estimates recorded in the last census in 1931.

“The population of scheduled tribes and scheduled castes and other backward classes has increased but the limit (for quotas) is 50 per cent. The only data we have on this is from 1931 (census). In such a situation the best solution is caste-based census, it should be done and all will become clear,” Kumar said.

“The reservation in Bihar by Karpoori Thakur ji divided backward classes into two categories, extremely backward and backward. We want the Centre to do so too,” Kumar added referring to the reservation policy for the backward classes, brought by the former Chief Minister of the state, which incldued provisions for a sub-quota for the most backward classes (MBCs).

The next census scheduled in 2021 will see for the first time, the collection of data on OBCs. The use of maps or georeferencing at the time of house listing is also being considered for this census.

Around 25 lakh enumerators have been trained and engaged to ensure accurate collection of data in the Census 2021.