Nita Ambani urges Mumbai Indians to deliver their best in upcoming match

New Delhi: Nita Ambani urged her team, Mumbai Indians, to deliver their “best performance” on April 13 as there will be more than 21,000 underprivileged as well as especially challenged children in the stadium to watch the match.

“The match on the 13th is very dear to me. As you know, Mumbai Indians as a team supports underprivileged children and we have been doing this for the past 10 years now. Last year we put in a category for specially challenged children,” Ambani said in a video posted by Mumbai Indians Twitter.

“It is a very emotional match for me. We have 21,000 children already enrolled. They wait every year for their turn to come and see the match and they never get a turn again. So boys I really need you to give your best performance for these kids. It is a once in a lifetime joy that you’re going to give them,” she added.

Wishing luck to the team, she said: “This match is really, really important to me and to all my children that I support through our ESA.”

ESA stands for Ambani’s ‘Education and Sports for All’ initiative that works for underprivileged children and, each year, Mumbai Indians bring such kids to the stadium to watch their game.

Mumbai Indians will host Rajasthan Royals on April 13.