NIT graduates invent air suspension seat for bikers

Hyderabad: The students of National Institute of Technology (NIT)-Hyderabad have invented an air suspension seat that has improved the shock absorbing capacity of the bikes by almost 46 per cent. The unique seat was invented by three NIT graduates, who wanted to rid two-wheeler riders of their back pain.

NIT student Vishwanath, who invented the seat, spoke to ANI and said, “We three college friends wanted to come up with an idea, which could find resonance across the country. One day, when I came back home, I had a terrible backache. On researching, I came to know that this problem is with 70 percent Indians.”

Vishwanath further said, he along with his other mates started working towards the problem and realised the best suspension technology in the world was air suspension technology.

“We thought to bring air suspension technology into a motorcycle and a car at an affordable rate. It took us about two and half years to design,” he added.

He further said their design has received many awards, including Asia’s top five startup award, which has given them encouragement.

“We launched this product in December and had limited money to start, so we decided to only take orders up to two lakhs, but within two months we have received orders worth Rs 32 lakh,” he said.

The innovators added that they were satisfied with the response they were getting. (ANI)