Nirbhaya convicts still have legal remedies to exercise: Singh

New Delhi: Hours before the plea hearing in the Supreme Court, AP Singh, advocate for accused in Nirbhaya case on Friday claimed that there are still “legal remedies” for the convicts to exercise.

This statement from the advocate came hours after Nirbhaya’s mother yesterday stated that she has appealed to the Supreme Court and Central government to execute the convicts immediately.

“This is the misuse of the law. All the pleas are getting heard in the court on time. We must respect and trust the judicature. Convicts still have legal remedies. When a terrorist can use legal remedies then these people are not even hardcore criminals. This was their first crime. Law and order should take its course,” he said while speaking to ANI in New Delhi.

“When those sitting in Parliament say these kinds of criminals should be shot dead, it is disrespect of the Constitution. Can anyone guarantee that after these convicts are hanged atrocities against women, rape cases will stop?” he further stated.

He also criticized the people for seeking a death sentence for the Nirbhaya rape accused and said, “law and order should prevail in the country. By gathering people and creating pressure is not the right way to seek justice.”

“All the four accused are making efforts to improve themselves. They are making paintings inside the jail. Their paintings have been sold in lakhs. Let the law takes its course.”

Today, the four accused will be produced in the capital’s Patiala House Court today. The accused will be produced through video conference. The hearing is scheduled to begin at 10 am.

A paramedic student was gang-raped and murder on December 16, 2012, by six men. All the accused were arrested and charged with sexual assault and murder.

One of the accused was a minor and appeared before a juvenile justice court, while another accused committed suicide in Tihar jail. The rest of the convicts are facing the gallows. The apex court had confirmed capital punishment for the four men in 2017.