Nirav Modi bought Narendra Modi’s suit for Rs. 4 crore? Fact or fake?

Ahmedabad: A video has been going viral on social media platforms and chat groups. The video claims that, Nirav Modi, the prime accused in the Punjab National Bank Scam, had bought Narendra Modi’s suit for 4 crore, 31 lakh rupees.

Going into the details, the Suit was worn by Narendra Modi in 2015 during the visit of the then US President Barack Obama. The suit appeared black in colour pinstriped with gold. Close observation revealed that the stripes on suit have PM Narendra Modi’s full name.


According to the news reported in ABP News website, the suit was sent for an auction in Surat, where, the auction started from 11 lakh rupees. On the third day of the auction, it was purchased by Lal ji Bhai Patel, a trader from Surat.

When the auction was started in Surat, Ramesh Bhai Veerani, a diamond trader, confirmed that he had given the suit as a gift while giving invitation to PM Modi to invite on his son’s wedding.
The claim that Nirav Modi, prime accused in PNB scam and 11500 crore scamster purchasing Narendra Modi’s suit for 4 crore 31 lakh Rupees is a fake news.