Nipah Virus scare: Don’t eat fruits that have bite marks

Hyderabad: The Nipah Virus (NiV) scare is giving jitters to people in Kerala. However, the Hyderabad district administration has asked people not to panic as there were no fruit bats in the city, through which the virus transmits into humans. Moreover, pigs which are another primary source of transmitting the virus are also in fewer numbers in the city.

However, as a precautionary step, the District Medical and Health Officer K Padmaja has advised people from eating fruits having bite marks. The virus transmits into humans if anyone eats a fruit bitten by a bat. She also suggested that people should also stay away from places where pigs roam around.

Claiming that there was no need to be worried about the virus Padmaja, however, asked people to maintain hygiene.

According to Senior Regional Director (Regional Office for Health and Family Welfare) and Airport Health Organisation Chief Medoju Anuradha so far as the problem was confined to Kerala.