Nipah Virus: Health ministry constitutes six-member team

Kozhikode: Union Minister of Health and Family Welfare J.P Nadda on Monday directed to constitute a team of highly efficient doctors to probe the outbreak of Nipah Virus in Kerala.

This comes after many cases of death, caused dueto Nipah Virus, surfaced in Kerala.
The six-member team, led by the director of NCDC Dr. Sujeet K Singh, is currently in touch with Kerala health department to review the situation.

Nipah virus is a communicable disease spread by fruit bats and is fatal for both animals and humans.
Nine people have died in Kerala’s Calicut district due to high fever. The health department of the state confirmed that three out of the nine deceased were affected with Nipah virus.

The health department has, however, not confirmed the cause of the death of the other patients.
Earlier, three people reportedly died in Kozhikode district of Kerala due to Nipah virus.