Nine-year-old succumbs to dengue, toll reaches 26 in Delhi

A nine-year-old girl died of dengue fever in national capital New Delhi taking the toll to 26. Family of Nishtha Taneja criticized the state government over alleged medical negligence at state-run hospitals. They said that a state-run hospital refused to admit the girl and turned her away with medicines. She was then refused admission by a nearby private hospital citing non-availability of beds.

The nine-year-old finally underwent treatment at a local nursing home, which referred her to a premier hospital when her condition deteriorated. She breathed her last on Saturday morning. Bereaved family members alleged bias in the treatment provided to general public at hospitals.

The locals lambasted civic authorities for not cleaning streets and drains properly even as the city battled dengue outbreak. Over 5,400 people have been affected by the disease so far in New Delhi. Delhi government has been on its toes since it came under criticism after several state-run hospitals turned away dengue patients due to non-availability of beds.