The nine things that are secrets for a longer life

Melbourne: The experts have analysed the “blue zones” around the world and come up with two main factors that increase our longevity – having a healthy lifestyle and a reason to live.

According to, led by American researcher Dan Buettner, these “blue zones” were analysed to see why their residents seemed to live longer by a team of specialists, including doctors, anthropologists, demographers, nutritionists and epidemiologists.

The researchers identified nine key factors to longevity:

1) Intense and regular physical activity while undertaking daily duties. These people do not live a sedentary lifestyle.

2) Reduction of stress, which can involve taking time-out for regular habits such as taking a nap in Mediterranean societies, praying or conducting a tea ceremony in Japan.

3) “Hara hachi bu” – a Confucian teaching that suggests we only eat until we are 80 per cent full.

4) Having an “ikigai” – a Japanese word used to define the “reasons for being” and why we wake up every morning.

5) Prioritising a diet that is rich in plant-based products. Meat, fish and dairy products are consumed in lower amounts.

6) Moderate consumption of alcoholic beverages.

7) Being part of social groups that promote healthy habits.

8) Interacting with religious communities.

9) Building and maintaining solid relationships with family.(ANI)