Niloufer Hospital deaths repercussion: women share bed at Maternity Hospital Petlaburj

Hyderabad: As the Niloufer hospital has temporarily suspended all C-section deliveries, and people are concerned following the death of 5 women, Government Maternity Hospital at Petlaburj in Hyderabad’s Old City has been seeing a steady stream of patients and their relatives. The hospital’s corridors, stairway and its floors are overcrowded by visitors.

Doctors are working round-the-clock. Patients in maternity have their backs pressed against each other as they share beds, due to shortage of beds.

28-years-old Mumtaz Begum, who delivered a baby boy three days ago, says, “I have to share the bed with another woman. We have joined two beds and now four of us are sharing the beds, she added.

Another women Razia (24) with a bedsheet spread on the floor, sits on the hospital floor, feeding her new-born.

As the Niloufer Hospital has temporarily suspended C-Section, women who need to undergo a C-section there, are being directed to Modern Hospital at Petlaburj.

Doctors say that there work has increased tremendously while they usually attended seven patients a day, now they are attending fourteen.

According to G Pratibha, superintendent of Modern Government Maternity Hospital, although Niloufer Hospital has provided four doctors and three nurses here, our work pressure has doubled. She says right now, we have nearly 462 beds in the hospital, but on Saturday, there were more than 600 patients who were in need of beds. According to her not only C-section but they are also getting more normal delivery cases.