Nikah ceremonies are back in Public Gardens’ Shahi Masjid

Hyderabad: Makkah Masjid and Shahi Masjid of the city were kept closed during the COVID-19 lockdown owing to the government’s curb on congregational prayers. Since the government has lifted the lockdown restrictions, congregational prayers are resumed.

Shahi Masjid which is located in the center of the city is a popular venue for Nikah ceremonies which were restricted during the lockdown. Even after lifting these restrictions, Nikah ceremonies were not allowed as a precautionary measure which leads to a disquiet among the Muslims.

A representation was made to the officials of the Minority Affairs Department and the District Minority Welfare Officer Mohammed Qasim granted permission for holding Nikah ceremonies in the mosque.

Qasim said all the lockdown restrictions were lifted and hence the Muslims can hold Nikah ceremonies in the mosque without need for obtaining permission by following the Covid-19 protocols for the prevention of the pandemic.

Being an iconic mosque located in the center of the city, Shahi Masjid is quite popular for Nikah ceremonies and a great number of such ceremonies are held in this mosque.