Nigerian expert says G7 ‘consistently’ fails to keep promises

Abuja: The Group of Seven (G7) leaders have made promises in a series of meetings, yet they “consistently” fail to keep their promises, a Nigerian expert has said.

The G7 leaders have reaffirmed their commitments in a summit wrapped up on Sunday on vaccines sharing, recovery from the pandemic, climate change and security, and the question is the bloc’s capability to execute those commitments, said Sheriff Ghali, a professor of political science with the University of Abuja.

The rich countries in the West know exactly what Africa expects of them in a world faced with challenges, such as climate change, terrorism and the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, he told Xinhua after the summit.

As a continent which is most vulnerable to global crises, Africa expects practical solutions to the crises through effective multilateral actions, instead of blame games which undermine the global responses to those challenges, he added.

China and the West can actually collaborate through multilateral engagement in addressing global challenges, he said.