Nida Khan, Farhat Naqvi are using Muslim women for political gains

Bareilly: President Sab Ka Haq Foundation Rafia Shabnam organised a press conference and said that Nida Khan and Farhat Naqvi are filing fake cases of talaq and halala for political gains. They are moving to the officers with false cases.

Rafia told that there are not more than 10 pc talaq cases in Muslim society. In other words, 90 pc of Muslim women are not divorced and those 90 pc are happy in their houses with shariah.

Referring to Nida Khan and Farhat Naqvi, Rafia Shabnam said, such women can go to any extent for cheap publicity. Rafia Shabnam appealed to Muslim women to keep a distance from such women. If they are victimized they can take help of police or court instead of getting prey to such people who use them for political gain, suggested Shabnam.

The press conference was also attended by Ravindra Sahara, Sartaj Alvi, Jagpal Singh Yadav, Rina Khan, Asia, Patel etc.