Nicki Minaj faces plagiarism charges for ‘Sorry’

Washington: Hollywood Rapper Nicki Minaj has been charged with plagiarism by veteran singer Tracy Chapman.

Chapman claimed that Minaj stole her song ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ for the latter’s track, ‘Sorry’, reported TMZ.

This comes at a time after Minaj, back in June 2018, tried to obtain rights of Chapman’s song ‘Baby Can I Hold You’ and failed.

It was in August 2018 that Minaj’s song ‘Sorry’ featured in her latest album ‘Queen’. Tracy asserted that half of the lyrics in the song were copied from the former’s original track.

The day the song was played at a radio station, the ‘Super Bass’ hitmaker tweeted “Sis said no”; which, according to the lawsuit, referred to Chapman’s denial on letting the former use ‘Baby Can I Hold You’.

The lawsuit also confirmed that Nicki’s team tried to pull down the song from the album in order to make it disappear, but Tracy said that the damage was already done.

Chapman is suing Minaj to prohibit her from re-releasing the reworked version of ‘Sorry’. The veteran also added that she wants Minaj to compensate for the damage that was caused.