Nick Knowles is single

London: Television presenter and music artiste Nick Knowles has been linked to a plethora of women over recent months, two years since his split from wife Jessica Moor. Now he says he is single.

The “DIY SOS” presenter, 56, is one of the ten celebrities heading into the reality show “I’m a Celebrity” this Sunday night. He said it became a “kind of sport” as several women claimed they were dating him, when they weren’t.

He has also ruled out any chance of a romance on the show as he is too busy with work and his family.

The presenter revealed to MailOnline that the rumours about his love life were “a load of old codswallop”.

He said: “When you go through a divorce, you’re going through a split-up in a relationship and that’s difficult enough in everyday life – but doing it in the public eye is even tougher. It (the picturing of Nick Knowles with various women) became a kind of sport. I went out on one date with one person and that person then wrote a whole load of articles off the back of it.

“By doing this show, I guess there’s going to be a lot of public interest and I imagine some people will try and do the same thing to make some money.

“It became quite extraordinary, because somebody that I actually wasn’t dating, said I was dating them. And then somebody else said they were dating me. I was stood in a queue on a red carpet to go in and see a mate’s film when somebody came up and kissed me on the cheek; someone who I’d never ever seen before, but I was then dating them.”

Knowles said if he decides to embark on a relationship in the future, he will keep it very private and out of London’s spotlight.

“If I date somebody, I’m not going to take them to London. I’m not going to go to one of the 25 places where there are photographers outside. I can quite happily go Lewes in Sussex or Wrexham, or anywhere where there aren’t paps going around.

“When people say, ‘Oh, I can’t get on with my life without the paps following me everywhere.’ For me, that just meant that I had to retire from public life and going to events like Pride of Britain,” he said.

“Because if I stood next to anybody for any length of time, somebody took a photograph and thought I was going out with them. It got silly, so I just moved out to the country to get away from it all,” he added.

Knowles, who is currently single, will be in the jungle with fellow singleton Emily Atack, who has revealed that she wants a jungle romance, reported

But the presenter has ruled out any relationships on the show, saying: “No. I don’t think intense situations like this – where you’re on television programme like this – is a place to be finding any form of long-term romance. Can you name one long-term romance that’s still going that actually started on a reality programme? No.”