NIA report says Abdul Wahed has no connection with Indian Mujahideen

New Delhi: Patiala High Court has reserved its judgment on the case of Abdul Wahed who has been arrested on the charges of terrorism. The defence lawyer hopes that after the reply of NIA Abdul Wahed will be acquitted in the case.

Abdul Wahed worked in Dubai. He was arrested on May 2016 and NIA booked a case against him in 2012. He had accusations that he is the relative of alleged terrorist Yaseen Bhatkal and Riyaz Bhatkal. It was also alleged that he was the member of Indian Mujahideen and was involved in terrorist activities. He had a role in all the blasts occurred in the country.

A long hearing was carried out in Patiala House Court in which NIA submitted its report and accepted that no evidence was found against Abdul Wahed which could prove that he belonged to Indian Mujahideen. It also agreed that Abdul Wahed had no role in the blast occurred in the country.

There were 3 charges on Abdul Wahed and the NIA proved all the three false. The report showed that Abdul Wahed was implicated in false cases. Now it is hoped that he will be soon exonerated.