NIA likely to contact Islamic preacher Zakir Naik

New Delhi : The National Investigation Agency (NIA) is likely to contact Islamic preacher Zakir Naik, who is presently in Medina, Saudi Arabia.

According to sources, the NIA, which has reportedly given some message or signal to Naik in this regard, has been waiting for his return, and then it will formally ask him to present his points.

Although Naik’s office seems to be clueless about his return and there are apprehensions that he may go to other countries, taking cooling up time and exploring all options, including legal.

Sources said the NIA tried to contact him over his cell phone, which was switched off. Following which, the agency officials tried to contact his aides.

The agency is trying to get more proof to make a stronger case against Naik, whose confidential meetings with individuals associated with terror organisations and their subsequent joining ISIS are rife, said sources, adding that videos of a few close door meetings are also among evidences collected by the agency.

The NIA is waiting for a formal request from Dhaka to take action against him – may be tomorrow or day after tomorrow – on this ground strong case can be made.

Four teams of NIA officials have examined more than 500 CDs, finding most of the footages highly objectionable and a cause of security hazard and communal tension, said sources, adding that he can be interrogated and can be booked under these acts.

Besides, thousands of his emails were also scanned and many of them were found to be suspicious – mostly relating to funding, donations, sponsors and foreign tours, they said.

The content of his communication was allegedly found inciting religious intolerance; besides, from 1991, the fund trails to Islamic Research Foundation (IRF) is also leading to misuse and siphoning of funds, said sources, adding that the agencies has gathered his entire property details and source of funding.

The NIA is also exploring his connection with Azgar Sultan, who was an IRF volunteer. (ANI)