NIA becomes ‘Namo Investigative Agency’

New Delhi, (Abdul Bari Masoud, MM): In June last year, the then Special Public Prosecutor in the Malegaon blast case of 2008 Rohini Salian had made a sensational revelation that she was asked to go ‘soft’ on accused Hindutva extremists. This revelation proved absolutely true as the National Investigation Agency (NIA) has significantly watered down the 2008 Malegaon blasts case by not naming Sadhvi Pragya Singh Thakur as an accused in its chargesheet. It seems that the stage is set for her and other accused early release from jail. The chargesheet is likely to mention that the investigation conducted by former Maharashtra ATS chief Hemant Karkare, later killed in the 26/11 terror attack, was flawed, that the evidence produced against Colonel Prasad Purohit, another key accused, had been fabricated, and statements of witnesses were taken under duress.

Sharply reacting on this development, the Congress said the NIA has now become ‘Namo Investive Agency’ and condemned the decision of giving clean chit to Sadhvi Pragya and others move of.

The Modi government is playing a dangerous game which has serious repercussion on the integrity of the country and its fight against terrorism. Congress senior spokesperson Anand Sharma said when this government came to power it started many things including weakening terror cases involving Sangh elements.

Briefing the media persons here on Friday along Anand Sharma, Congress leader Gaurav Gogoi said it was pre-ordained that those who are linked to the case and have linkages to RSS affiliated organizations will be one day let go scot free.

On the question of giving clean chit to Sadhvi Pragya, Gogoi said there cannot be any compromised on terrorism
“NIA verdict on the clean chit on the issue of terrorism, there can be no compromise and we the Congress Party want the strictest of strictest standards of investigation to be followed”

Unfortunately, entry of the new Government, it almost pre-ordained that those who are linked to the case and have linkages to RSS affiliated organizations will be one day let go scot free and this issue has been raised consistently over the past one year by our Party at several forums, he added.

He said that the Congress had written a letter to the President of India asking for his special attention on this case and the party has also sought the monitoring of the Supreme Court on this case and also a question on the conduct of the NIA DG Sharad Kumar.

“We want again there should be no dilution on investigation, link to what has happened in Malegaon, apart from our country which have seen many bomb blasts and one preceding that. Unfortunately, this premeditated intention to release has been strongly condemned and the weakening and the dilution of NIA seems to be that NIA has now become ‘Namo Investigative Agency’”.

Gogoi recalled that whatever the instructions come from the leadership in Delhi, that approach will be taken by the NIA and this bias was also confirmed by the Public Prosecutor when she said there was pressure on her in this case.
It is to be recalled that Rohini Salian, Special Public Prosecutor in the case related to the Malegaon 2008 blasts in which Hindu extremists are the accused, has said that over the past one year, since “the new government came to power,” she has been under pressure from the National Investigation Agency (NIA) to go “soft” in the case.

Courtesy: Muslim Mirror
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