NGT team reviews Musi River’s cleanup, rejuvenation works

Hyderabad:  Officials of the National Green Tribunal (NGT) have visited various locations of ‘Musi River’ in connection with its cleanup and rejuvenation works.  The retired High Court Justice Vilas Afzalpurkar along with the NGT committee officials visited the river sites and reviewed its cleanup and restoration work. 

According to the NGT officials, Justice Afzalpurkar shall submit his report to the Tribunal.  Justice Afzalpurkar along with the NGT team visited Chaderghat, Bapughat, High Court and other places where the Musi river has a better flow.  This expert committee shall submit its report about the river restoration work to the Tribunal with its recommendations.

Multiple projects are underway under Musi River Front Development Corporation.  In September, Telangana State Pollution Control Board had submitted its report regarding the measures taken to treat sewerage water and rejuvenate water flow. 

Musi River deserves better treatment
Musi River deserves better treatment

The illegal encroachment of land on the banks of the river lead to pollution of the river and marred its natural surrounding.  There is a plan afoot to evict the illegal squatters and turn the river environs as tourist spots. 

After the intervention of NGT, it is expected that the cleanup and rejuvenation of the river and its beautifying works would be carried out with speed.