NGO in Hyderabad to start crematorium for pets soon

Hyderabad: With a focus to provide a graceful exit to deceased pet animals, the People For Animal (PFA) Abhaya NGO will soon start a crematorium for pets in Hyderabad.

Speaking to ANI, Manjira Sen, Rescue Director at PFA said, “As we deal with sick and diseased animals all the time, we ourselves become the pet owners and it’s a constant worry that what to do with the pets after they pass away.”

“It has always been in discussion but didn’t have space nor facilities in Hyderabad. Hopefully, we should embark on it at the earliest,” she said.

Sen said that the NGO is in the stages of finally procuring the incinerator and creating the crematorium where the pets of all stature can be given graceful adieu.

“Unfortunately, the pets don’t live as long as we’d like them to and the people living in rented houses and apartments don’t know what to do when the pet is deceased, a lot of the people try to bury the animals in the burial ground which is an expensive prospect and messy. So, the PFA Abhaya has been toying for the creation of a crematorium,” Sen said.

“We have got all the permissions from pollution control and other permission that we needed. We have already allotted the place and the shed is constructed, now we are looking for the incinerator. It costs around Rs 35 lakhs and we have donations upto Rs 13 lakh,” she added.