News channels turn hate-mongers

Sadly news channels for their TRP tries to attract viewers by hook or by crook. In this attempt they don’t see what is good or bad. There’s was a time when news channels used to air news which promote national integrity but today several channels are trying hard to spread venom in the society.

In a similar attempt Zee news chief Sudhir Chaudhry brought two books in his hands and started reading incidents which mentioned Hindus forcibly converted to Islam by Muslim kings, especially Aurangzeb killing the children of Tegh Bahadur in such a way which can create hatred between Sikhs and Muslims. What purpose Sudhir Chaudhry is serving by repeating the hate narratives recorded in the history books. If he wanted to narrate incidents of Shahenshah Aurangzeb he should have mentioned the killing of Aurangzeb’s brothers and execution of Sufi poet Sarmad, to say that the kings do not kill in the name of religion but wipe off those who oppose them. If Sudhir wanted to unveil history why didn’t he mention those who oppressed Buddhists, who carried out genocide of Jain community? If he had sympathy with Sikhs, he should also have mentioned Akal takht and Darbar Sahib massacre.

Does zee news think that it is serving nation by increasing hatred? Sudhir Chaudhry by openly spreading hatred raises doubt that is there any nexus between him and anti-national elements? Sudhir is already a suspicious personality. He has already been to jail on the charges of extorting R100 crore from an industrial house.