News of BJP leader Ram Madhav getting caught with women disappears after party rebuttal

NEW DELHI: An online news portal carried sensational news on national BJP leader North East in-charge Ram Madhav being circulated in the social media platforms.

The report by media portal “Newsjoint ” is now unavailable had reported that the senior BJP functionary was caught red handed with two Naga women in a hotel by the NSCN.

The news portal claimed that the ‘NSCN literally caught Ram Madhav with his pants down in Nagaland; has threatened to make video public if Nagaland elections not cancelled.’

The report disappears from web after Nagaland State BJP has vehemently denounced it as “fictitious report”.

But the website link and the screenshot was widely shared by social media users.

In a statement on Sunday evening, BJP’s Nagaland unit denounced the news report as “fictitious” saying that the portal seemed to be a fake news agency or channel “devoid of any truth and written with malicious intent”.

“Such spreading of false news is tantamount to not only character assassination but also poses grave risk of sparking off communal tension,” it said.