Newly-wed’s family threatened with ‘talaq’ over ‘not serving beef’

Lakhimpurkheri: In a shocking display of intimidation over beef not being served during a wedding ceremony, a newly-wed woman here alleged that she was threatened to be divorced for her family’s lack of hospitality.

The victim, identified as Afsana, was allegedly threatened to be given ‘ talaq’ over accusations of beef not being served during the wedding.

The incident came to light when Afsana’s father, Salari, paid a visit to his daughter’s marital home in Bahraich district to complete the final set of wedding rituals. The family of the groom threatened to divorce his daughter, claiming that beef was not served during the wedding, apart from allegations of no dowry given by the family.

“A grand wedding took place on April 22 following all rituals and we even paid dowry. The family is under severe tension now over the divorce threats,” said Salari.

Following the allegations, Salari approached the village elders and local authorities, pleading to assist him in ensuring his daughter’s safety. Subsequently, Afsana herself approached the local police in Bahraich explaining the situation.

All efforts went in vain as the father-daughter duo, along with Afsana’s brother Naseem, were relentlessly made to go from one police station to another in hope of resolving the matter.

The family is now seeking assistance from newly appointed Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath as their last resort.

“Our hopes now rest on Chief Minister Yogi. He is the only one who can help us out. What has happened is wrong and we will oppose it,” said Naseem.