Newborn split into two during delivery: Raj Human Rights panel seeks report

Ramgarh: Rajasthan State Human Rights Commission on Friday took cognisance of the incident pertaining to the botched up delivery by a male nurse in Ramgarh here. The organisation has sought a report from Jaisalmer’s Superintendent of Police and CMHO.

On Thursday, a male nurse working at a government medical centre has ‘decapitated a baby while pulling too hard during a difficult birth’.

During the time of the delivery, the nurse pulled the foetus so carelessly that it resulted in splitting the body of the baby into two parts.

Another mistake, that the Ramgarh health centre committed was lying to the gynaecologist at Jawahar hospital that they have finished the delivery. The Ramgarh’s hospital staff left the placenta in the womb.

Speaking to ANI, Dr Sankhla, Jawahar Hospital, Jaisalmer said, “The reports from the Ramgarh health centre stated that delivery had been done. Also, the family didn’t inform that the head of the baby was inside the womb. On examining her I found the placenta to be hard and referred her to Jodhpur.”

Woman’s husband has lodged a complaint against the Ramgarh hospital staff but the police is yet to arrest them.