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Hyderabad: Newborn baby girl abandoned at MGBS

Hyderabad: Newborn baby girl abandoned at MGBS

Hyderabad: A newborn baby girl was left abandoned at Mahatma Gandhi Bus terminal at Gowliguda on Platform No. 50 on Monday morning.

According to Police, passengers found the baby girl wrapped in pink cloth and alerted the Police. Police staff along with a patrol team rushed to spot and shifted the baby station outpost. The police later called a Child care help line. The new born was later taken to Shishu Vihar.

Police have registered a case and are now investigating to find who abandoned the child.
Afzalgunj Sub Inspector R. Nagaraj said, “The baby is around six days old. We are also checking CCTV cameras at the bus station. We could see someone putting the child at the spot but as the footage is not clear we are enhancing it,” Afzalgunj SI R. Nagaraj said.

Buses traveling to Sangareddy and Medak districts depart from Platform No 50.

Following a petition filed by Balala Hakkula Sangham (BHS), State Human Rights Commission has issued orders to the Principal Secretary, Women and Child Welfare, Telangana, on Monday to investigate the abandoning of newborns in the city and submit its a report by November 9.
The BHS states around 50 newborns were abandoned in Hyderabad this year of which most of these newborns have died due to delay in rescue.

Newborns were found dumped in garbage dumps, drains, bushes and the worst scenarios were dogs were found eating their bodies.

BHS blamed TS Government for the failure of Ooyala scheme to rescue babies which was set up to put these unwanted babies in cradles.