New Zealand’s PM: Great example of leadership

New Zealand: Jacinda Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand proves that she’s an example of how a leader should be. After the attack that has happened on Friday, she ensured the security around the Mosques so that the Muslim Community could perform their prayers without any fear.

Realizing the importance of burial in Islam, the Prime Minister took care of all the expenses of the funeral of all victims that died in the attack.

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Not just that, she also visited the families of the victims to console them wearing a headscarf in order to honour the Muslim community and promised to financially support the families of the victims.

In one of her facebook Post shewrote referring to the victims, “New Zealand is their home, they are us”. The Prime Minister also said that the gun laws in New Zealand will also change and the country will remain to be compassionate, diverse, kind, and respectful towards all the ethnicities as it earlier was.

Ms Ardern, truly turned out to be an example of a great leader who’s unbiased, non-racist and honest towards her duties.