New Year celebrations un-Islamic

Hyderabad, December 31: We are on the threshold of the year 2012. The new leaf of calendar will be before you within few hours. Revelers arrange drinking and dancing parties at the New Year night; burst crackers, sing songs and dance to the tune of music.

Young girls and boys will go crazy in the glee of welcoming the New Year. The enjoyment will go to such an extent that many women will lose their modesty.

Celebrating New Year with cakes and other delicacies at homes are also the part of the western culture which has been penetrated in the Indian society.

Muslims too spend large sum of money for these absurdities; while celebrating New Year or attending the parties is purely un-Islamic. It is the invention of Jews and Christians and is a festival of obscenity and indecency.

Maulana Mufti Khaleeluddin Ahmed shaikh of Jamia Nizamia told in this connection that there is no Islamic concept of celebrating new year. Muslims should keep themselves and their children away from such stupidities. This is Christian custom. If any act is associated with any nation then Muslims should avoid that.

Siasat news