New Year Celebration: Is it allowed in Islam?

Hyderabad: New Year Celebration in Hyderabad is on the increase during the recent years. Many youths are getting attracted to this tradition.

There are many calendars in vogue in India but no other calendar enjoys the importance as does 1st January of Gregorian calendar.

In olden days, when the Muslims established their kingdoms, new-year day was never used to be celebrated since it has no religious importance for them.

It was reported that Nowruz celebrations used to be held in the Darbars of the Moghals in accordance with the Iranian festivities of Nowruz which falls on 21st March.

After the decline of Moghal kingdom, the British conquered India. They started celebrating New Year’s Day. There used to be the festivities of dine and dance at the midnight of 31st December.

After the independence of India, in all the official matters, Gregorian calendar started playing important role. In the early days, these celebrations were limited to the rich and the high class sections of the society. With the increase of communication facilities, common Indians also started celebrating New Year’s Day. In many cities, incidents of traffic jam occur on New Year’s Day.

The Sang Parivar is worried about the tradition of New Year’s Day celebrations since they have apprehension about the danger of vanishing their culture.

Many Muslim scholars have advised the Muslim youths not to celebrate New Year’s Day as it has no religious significance.