New Year: Burj Khalifa, Opera House welcomed 2021 in different fashion

The global pandemic may have brought everything to full stop but it could not deter the New Year eve. The COVID-19 pandemic has halted the entertainment and the regular activities in many ways across the world but the New Year was celebrated at the two main popular places of NEW YEAR Eve on earth — Australia Opera House and Dubai Burj Khalifa in a spectacular way.

Taking the New Year protocols and maintaining social distancing norms in wake of the second wave, the Dubai Emaar organized fireworks at Burj khalifa and 32 around UAE and sheered the world revelers in less than 3 hours as they watched the celebrations from their sofa. Many even thronged the place to see the most expensive fireworks and an estimated 200,000 foreigners watched it.

The New Year 2021 was brought in with fireworks, animation, laser and light show and the facade of Burj khalifa displayed the New Year eve celebrations from around the world and invited the global audience to join in the celebrations virtually through live streams on Zoom and other social media channels.

The Burj Khalifa’s seven and a half minute long display ended with Pakistan flag. The tallest tower wished a very happy new year to Pakistanis and at 10:30 IST the Burj Khalifa was lit up in Indian colours.

Interestingly, My Dubai New Year ambulance service (world’s longest ambulance service) was at place for the revelers for any emergency needs.

Whilst, at the other corner of the world, the Australians who share proximity with International dateline , was first to welcome the new year 2021 with the fireworks display brightened up the Sydney opera house and the harbour bridge and the Australians cheered the end of 2020 and looked forward with hope for what 2021 could bring. Unlike every year, this year New Year celebrations were far muted and were watched the fireworks sitting at home.

The Australians remained at home as they were urged by the authorities. Both Burj Khalifa and Sydney’s Opera House are well known for their race in New Year eve celebration every year.

When asked for his experience this time, A Dubai resident and technical expert at Dubai airport Suhail Quadri, said, “Dubai ushered in the new year 2021 and new decade of 2021-2030 with extravagant and dazzling fireworks at Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building. Amidst fanfare, the new year revelers greeted the new year.”

Scott Mopernsson, the Prime Minister of Australia wished on Twitter saying, “Happy New Year Australia, because we are one and free.”

This year the New Year celebrations were low key because of the devastating wildfires and the increasing covid cases. The fireworks were bright up, but the parks and CBD foreshores wear a deserted look and the pubs and restaurants were all shut.