New trend of ‘Saher parties’, nothing but time pass

Iftar parties are arranged during the month of Ramadan to promote communal harmony and brotherhood in the country. They are also arranged to provide facility to fasting Muslims to break their fast. But during the past few years a new trend has started in which ‘Saher parties’ are arranged in which friends and relatives are invited. Variety of foods is prepared. Hotels and eateries remain open so that fasting persons who do not have saher facility at their homes can eat ‘saher’. But of late youth arrange gatherings at the hotels. For this they stay awake the whole night. There is nothing wrong in staying awake during the nights of Ramadan and arrange Saher parties. But it has become a pass time. In some areas of the city youth indulge in hookah smoking which is continued till saher. Some well off persons even arrange saher parties at function halls. This trend is also penetrated into political circles.

Siasat news