A new take on men’s professional wear!

NEW DELHI: An Indian brand has dropped a new collection dedicated to celebrating the office-wear for men.

In the modern days, men’s office wear is defined by a trendy styling while not compromising on the comfort level. It is defined by an exclusively high-end fashion amassment, knowing that the color, trend, and design play an important role for fashion lovers.

The collection offers daily comport leather which remains soft and adequate all day long.

Texture and color: It is used in handbags and other accessories and has finely curated shades that best represents ‘Men at Work’ collection.

Style at the workplace: The theme behind the collection is to have a stylish daily comfort to the men around the town.

Introduced by Escaro Royale, a premium, luxurious handcrafted men’s brand, the collection offers all essentials of a professional wear including Tan Black Derby Shoes, Brown Slip-On, Blue Designer Oxford, Soft leather Sling Bag, White Tan leather Portfolio Bag, Tan leather Portfolio Bag, Leather High Fashion Backpack, and Silver Plated Designer Cufflinks. (ANI)