New superintendent for Makkah Masjid for effective administration

To improve the administrative affairs of historical Makkah Masjid, Minority Welfare Department has appointed a new superintendent for the masjid. Maintenance of accounts of houses and shops under the masjid and increase in numbers of employees are under consideration.

Secretary Minority Welfare Syed Omer Jaleel appointed retd Deputy Superintendent of Police M A Qadeer Siddiqui as new superintendent of the Makkah Masjid. He has been given the responsibility to conduct enquiry into all affairs of the masjid and submit a report to the government.

Secretary Minority Welfare told that he wishes to restore Madrasatul Huffaz in the masjid which has been closed for several years. He further informed that government has received several complaints in connection with the rents of shops and houses under the masjid.

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