New sensor-based tooth device to count calorie for diet conscious

New York: Are you tired of practicing multiple kinds of dieting including crash dieting, liquid diet, and water therapies to reduce some extra kilos off your belly, here is a new sensor-based device which you could wear on your tooth and it shall detect the number of calorie intake per serving.

A group of students at Tufts University’s engineering school has created a product which shall be to sense the calories consumed and wirelessly transmit the data to a smartphone application, as per media reports.

As per a paper published in the journal Advanced Materials, the sensor will be made up of a porous silk film or a hydrogel that responds to changes in pH or temperature.

The sensor’s middle layer detects chemicals and nutrients, reacting to different inputs with a shift in its electrical properties further sending radio frequency waves to the app.

The sensor could easily detect the amount of sugar, salt, and alcohol.

After planning a diet chart for a user the sensor would then help in deciding the quantities of the food serving.

The sensor adds up to the multiple fitness wearables like Fitbit which would count the number of footsteps you took the per day calorie intake.

Such applications are slowly altering the attitude of the people towards adopting preventive than curing attitude in terms of health problems.