New rules introduced to ensure card holders to get commodities from first of every month

The Civil Supplies Department has introduced new reforms to ensure that beneficiaries must get ration supply from 1st of every month in this New Year. For this, major changes were being taken in Transportation, Closing Balance (CB) and Release Order (RO) dates.

Civil Supplies Commissioner C.V. Anand said, “From now onwards, we will ensure that beneficiaries will get their commodities from 1st of every month by using modern technology. Immediately it will come to effect in the districts where ePos is in implementation. From 1st to 15th of every month, commodities will be distributed at Ration shops. On the 16th of every month, commodities will be provided to districts from Civil Supplies Head Office. For this, ration dealers have to pay DDs between 16th and 18th at Mee Seva Centers. Regional ACSOs/MROs will immediately issue Release Orders of the Dealers, who paid DDs to the Mandal Level Stockist (MLS) Point.
As soon as the godown incharge receives release order, commodity distribution will start. Stage-II transporters will deliver stock from MLS points to ration shops from 16th to 30th of every month. Stage-I transport contractors will carry commodities to Civil Supplies Mandal Level godowns from 1st to 15th of every month.

The Commissioner asked the Joint Collectors to pay special attention on this new policy. The Joint Collectors should conduct regular meetings every month with DCSOs, ACSOs, Civil Supply Department District Managers, Deputy Tahsildars, Enforcement Teams, Stage-I, Stage-II contractors, godown incharges. As per government initiatives, steps would be taken to every eligible beneficiary to avail commodities.