New research finds true what Prophet said years before: This dinner habit reduces risk of cancer

Barcelona: It has become customary to take dinner late at nights especially in marriage functions and valima dinners. If someone eats early, he becomes the target of ridicule among his friends.

According to a tradition of Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), after Isha prayer, one should finish his dinner and go to bed without talking. This will be beneficial not only in this world but also in the hereafter.

After carrying out long researches, the expert Dieticians have found that if dinner is taken early in the night, the risk of prostate cancer in men, breast cancer in women get reduced.

Barcelona Institute for Global Health, Spain conducted a research on 4000 volunteers out of which 2500 were women and 1500 men. Half of them had prostate /breast cancer. They were examined in detail.

The analysis of questionnaires about their eating and sleeping habits revealed that those who used to eat early and go to bed, the risks of occurrence of prostate/breast cancer were found to be less.

The research findings published in the latest issue of International Journal of Cancer revealed that if dinner is taken two hours before sleeping in the night, it has many benefits. Such persons have lesser chances of getting cancers.

It may be mentioned that many earlier researches were carried out only about eatables but this is the first time, a research has been conducted on eating and sleeping habits.

–Siasat News