New political party in Telangana likely to check BJP

Hyderabad: Efforts are being made for the formation of new political party. Telangana Political JAC which played a key role in Telangana struggle is being neglected by TRS.

Various political leaders are in contact with Telangana JAC Chairman, Prof. Kodandaram. Gaddar, Dr. Sudhakar, Vemula Akka and others will be the main leaders of this political party. Students will also play a key role in this party.

The new party would take secular forces in order to check the rise of BJP in Telangana. A final decision would be taken after 15th June.

Prof. Kodandaram is the Chairman of TJAC. He is being neglected by TRS in the recent situation which created unrest among the Telangana Activists and the students.

–Siasat News