Fatwa: Clear all types of debts before embarking on Haj

A new fatwa issued by Sunni Bareilly clerics of dargah Aala Hazrat states that as per Islamic law pilgrims should clear their debts before embarking on Haj. Sunni cleric Mufti Mohammed Salim Noori passed the fatwa. According to him, taxes like house, income tax, water tax are also come under debt.

“The different forms of taxes levied on residents by the government are also considered as debt. Therefore, pilgrims wishing to go on Haj should pay taxes before starting their journey. Also, as per Islam, people should first perform their day-to-day duties honestly and then focus on completing religious duties,” noori added.

According to the report, “a person going on Haj should clear all his debts. Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) had said that when a person goes on Haj, he goes to meet Allah. So, the person should not have any debt,” said said Mufti Mohammed Salim Noori.

“Apart from clearing their debts and taxes, people should leave enough money at their home so that their wife and children do not face any financial crisis when they are outperforming Haj,” said Noori.

Similarly, clerics had passed a fatwa in July last year, declaring that zakat, donations mandated by Islam, should go towards funding modern education and hi-tech gadgets as well.

In another fatwa in June last year, clerics had decreed that women could run their own businesses, although they had to limit business dealings to other women.