New Education Policy criticized by Jamat-e-Islami

Hyderabad: Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan, Ameer of Jamat-e-Islami in a press conference held yesterday heavily criticized the report of Mr. TS Subramanyam Committee on new Education Policy. He demanded the Govt. to scrap these recommendations and stressed the need to include representatives of all religions in the committee.

It may be mentioned that 30 years after the introduction of new Education Policy of 1986, NDA Govt. constituted a committee under the chairmanship of former cabinet secretary, Mr. TS Subramanyam. This committee has submitted its report to the Govt. Govt. had sought opinions and objections on this report before 16th August.

Mr. Hamid Mohammed Khan told that in the proposed new Education Policy, fundamental structure of the constitution and its components like democracy, values, equality and freedom have not been considered. An attempt is being made through the new Education Policy to introduce ancient cultural heritage and western education system. He termed the new Education Policy as directionless. He blamed the Govt. that it wants to entrust education sector to private parties. He further told that the proposal to admit 25% non-minority students in minority educational institution is undemocratic. He mentioned that constitution of India has guaranteed the rights of minorities to establish and administer their own educational institutions to protect their language, culture and civilization. He also opposed the suggestion to include Yoga in the curriculum and said that it is absolutely anti-religious. Yoga is not only a physical exercise but a practice of Hindu religion. The slokas included in Yoga are anti-Islamic. Surya Namaskar is an important part of Yoga which Muslims cannot accept. He clarified that Muslims worship only one god and they do not worship the creators of god. He pointed out that when a petition was submitted in the courts of MP and Rajasthan, it was directed by the courts to make yoga optional and not compulsory. He declared that this decision is a conspiracy to deprive the Muslims from education. By making it optional, Muslim students do not get exemption. He demanded the Govt. to seek recommendations from the religious heads of all the religions. He alleged that the Govt. is eyeing on higher educational institutions. An attempt is being made to curb the freedom of the students. He also opposed the proposal to abandon non-functional Govt. schools, introduction of Sanskrit, permission to 200 foreign universities and to review the activities students on the basis of their caste on the campuses of Universities. He informed that Jamat-e-Islami would make a representation to Central Govt. in this regard.

–Siasat News