New Delhi: Police arrests youth for raping 20 YR three years ago

New Delhi: A 20-year-old rape survivor finally confided in her parents about the sexual assault she has experienced it three years ago after the youth who raped her started stalking demanding money from her.

According to reports, the 20-year-old was raped by a 25-year-old neighbor friend who she befriended in 2015 in north Delhiā€™s Multani Dhanda,TOI reports.

The accused also filmed her after the sexual assault along with clicking her pictures and started stalking, extorting money from her.

The accused was hunted down after the victim approached the police last week with a complaint against the accused and mentioned that the youth had clicked her photos and videos after the sexual assault and threatened to upload them on social media if she refused to get him money from her parents.

The victim also claimed that she was forced to steal money from her home but could no longer take it and finally decided to speak about the harassment to her family.

In her complaint, she stated that the youth was in her neighborhood in 2015 and duo soon became friends. He had allegedly taken her to meet his friend the same year, raped her repeatedly and then started blackmailing her.

At first, the victim refused to give him the extortion money but agreed to after he started sending her those photographs to prove his intent.

She also claimed the accused thrashed her road two years ago.

After the complaint was filed the manhunt was launched against the accused who was recently caught near Bara Hindu Rao area.

Following the confession from the accused, the police filed a case of rape, assault and stalking and under POCSO sections against him.

The police have seized his mobile phone and laptop. The accused was unemployed and the police suspect that he may have been blackmailing other women as well.