New Delhi: Man arrested for killing and chopping his best friend’s body

New Delhi: Delhi police successfully nabbed Badal Mandal for his horrendous crime of killing his ‘best friend’ Vipin Joshi, chopping his body and stuffing his body parts in his fridge.

Vipin Joshi(30) chopped decomposing body parts were found in a refrigerator at Mandal’s flat in South Delhi’s Saidulajab area near Saket on Saturday morning.

Southeast Joint commissioner Praveer Ranjan confirmed suspect Badal’s arrest. He said solving the murder mystery, Mandal who was on runaway after killing his best friend was arrested from Rourkela in Odisha where he was hiding at a relative’s place.

“Mandal has confessed to the crime. He has revealed that he killed Joshi, a bartender, in a fit of rage following an argument they had on Monday while consuming alcohol. However, we believe that the murder was executed with planning,” said Joint Commissioner Ranjan.

He added, “The team that nabbed Mandal in Rourkela is returning to Delhi with him. They are expected to reach by Thursday. We will interrogate Mandal then to establish the exact motive behind the crime and ascertain the exact sequence of events”.

Two Police teams were sent out to Mandal hometown Purulia and West Bengal to nab Mandal after Vipin’s chopped body in three pieces were found at Mandal’s flat. His flat was locked from outside and his cellphone was switched off since Wednesday night.

The two teams questioned all his relatives, friends, neighbors, raided all the possible hideouts of Mandal and later received information of his hideout at his relative’s place in Rourkela.
He was later nabbed from Odisha.

During his interrogation, Mandal revealed that Vipin visited his flat to consume alcohol.

They both were heavily drunk and an argument broke between the both. Vipin in the drunk state made some “derogatory” remarks to which Mandal threatened to kill him.

“When Joshi dared Mandal, he turned violent and attacked him with a blunt object. Joshi fell unconscious after the attack and Mandal thought that he was dead. He panicked and dragged Joshi’s body to the bathroom.”

“Mandal then cut the body into three pieces with a meat cleaver and put the body parts in three separate garbage bags. He put the head in the freezer, while the limbs were kept in the upper tray. The remaining trays had been removed to accommodate the torso. He wiped the blood from the floor and walls in the room and the bathroom. Later, he locked the flat and left for his hometown on Tuesday around 4 pm,” added the Police officer.

The duo worked at ‘Fio Country Kitchen and Bar’ which is located inside the Garden of Five Senses in Saket.