New Delhi: CCTV footage helped in locating ‘missing child’, 2 women child traffickers held

New Delhi: A CCTV footage showing two women carrying a child near Jama Masjid turned out to have captured the two members of a child trafficking gang.

The two women were nabbed near Jama Masjid for kidnapping a three-year-old girl after a CCTV footage from a camera installed for VIP security showed them carrying the child which led to their arrest.

Police are now making efforts to nab other gang members, TOI reports.

According to DCP (central) Mandeep Singh Randhawa, the kidnapped child’s parents approached the police at Jama Masjid with a missing complaint on January 11 following which a kidnapping case was registered against and search teams were deployed to carry out investigations.

The CCTV footage showed the two women boarding an autorickshaw with a child with another woman already seated in the auto.

“A team was formed to look for them and the autorickshaw was traced to Shastri Park. However, the women were not found at the place where they were dropped. Two days later, they were again found roaming near Jama Masjid and arrested,” DCP Randhawa said.

The two arrested women identified as Sahili and Rani told the police that they were childhood friends and had dropped out of school after Class X.

Since the earnings were not sufficient for the family as their husbands were labourersm the two set up a tailoring shop. But the women were offered good amount of money to kidnap a child by one their customers Komal they claim.

Police suspect Komal to be the kingpin of the racket.

The two women said as per Komal’s instruction, they reached Jama Masjid on Friday were they spotted a kid playing with her sibling.

They said they quietly picked her up and started walking until they reached the auto where Komal was already waiting in an autorickshaw and offered them a ride.

She then dropped them at Shastri Park. One of the arrested woman Rani said that they were given Rs 5,000 and were asked to keep the child with them for two days as Komal expected police to stop looking for the missing child and were scheduled to meet on Sunday.

Komal would have arranged a “customer” for the child in the meantime, they told police.

A case of kidnapping has been registered against the two women. A hunt is on for Komal, an officer said.